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HRDF claimable courses at i 4 academy


Level: C Level & Managers

Duration: Short Term and Long Term Courses

Programme: Professional Certification


Financial technology (Fintech) can include any technological innovation in the financial sector, including innovations in financial literacy and education, retail banking, investment and even crypto-currencies like bitcoin.

FinTech like crowdfunding, mobile payments, and money transfer services is revolutionising the way small businesses start up, accept payments, and go global, and they are making it easier than ever to start and run a business.

The first area of focus is the distributed ledger technology also known as blockchain. Did you know that blockchain itself combines digital technologies that originated in cryptography and computer science? We will play with these technologies to get a hands-on understanding of how blockchain might be useful for bankers and non-financial uses cases.

The second area of focus is digital identity. We will delve into the attributes of digital identity and see what the future might hold.

The third area is digital money and digital payments. You probably have read about the central banks and regulators around the world preparing the groundwork for the issuance of digital currencies. You may have also read about bitcoin mining, digital tokens and smart contracts. We will discuss how various technologies are changing what is considered valuable in the digital space and what regulators might support.

Who Should Attend ?
  • The following roles within global banking, retail banking, building societies, management consultancies, professional services, asset management, legal, Police.
  • Managers who need to prepare for disruptive innovations and challenges coming out of the Fintech ecosystem.
  • Managers and project directors who need to better understand areas of Fintech relevant to their line of work.
  • Heads of strategy and innovation.
Course Outline

Key topics:

  • How Fintech is changing your business
  • Digital Identity
  • Cryptocurrencies
  • Digital Payments
  • Develop a hands-on understanding of Fintech
  • What is crypto currency and what is mining
  • Gain insights into technologies that are changing how banking and insurance is done
  • Learn how to prepare yourself for the changes that are underway
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